Some Current Majors

Sallie Blanks

Graduating Class: Spring 2019
Major: Classics (Latin) and Education
Why Classics: Classics incorporates divers fields such as history, philosophy, art, government, and religion, to name a few. By reading the texts of these ancient authors, I gain perspective on more than just the world of prominent ancient civilizations. Because of my studies in Classics, I can examine the world around me outside of my own frame of reference through alternative methods of thinking. Also, it's fun.

Abigail Bright

Graduating Class: Spring 2020
Major: Classics, Latin Concentration
Why Classics: I am in my eighth year of learning Latin, and I’ve always loved the eloquence of the language. I am also studying to pursue a career in medicine one day, and I believe Classics is the foundation of my education. I firmly believe that loving medicine is to innately care for people and culture. What I’m learning now gets to the heart of the evolution of medicine and of people over centuries.
Best Thing About Classics at UVA: The community of this department has really become a home for me on Grounds, where there are always good conversations and brilliant people.

Joseph French

Graduating Class: Spring 2019
Major: English and Classics (Latin)
Why Classics: The important parts of English are built on what ancient Greco-Roman gamechangers were doing with words and ideas, so it's nice to try to understand where they were coming from.
Best Thing About Classics at UVA: I love the way it makes me think about the way I'm thinking.

Jaclyn Lund

Graduating Class: Spring 2018
Major: Classics and Psychology
Why Classics: After almost 10 years studying Latin, I can't really imagine my life without it. Classics has given me a love for language, art, culture, and history that I don't think I could've acquired anywhere else.
Best Thing About Classics at UVA: My favorite things about Classics at UVA are the small classes with professors who are truly excited about the material they are teaching in a given semester, and the collaboration with other departments that allows for amazing and unique courses.

Ashley Mehra

Graduating Class: Spring 2018
Major: Politics Honors & Classics (Concentration in Greek)
Why Classics: Through the study of the Latin and Greek languages, I have had the great honor of pursuing grammatical perfection and exploring the ancient roots of wisdom and reasoning. Similar to an archaeological dig, my study of Classical languages plunges me into the depths of the past and guides me to explore the rudiments of human civilization. The relics that I discover are memoirs of our transcendent history, which pave a meaningful and insightful past to my everlasting future.

Max Novick

Graduating Class: Spring 2018
Major: Classics (Concentration in Latin) and Commerce (Finance)
Why Classics: I have been taking Latin since middle school and Ancient Greek since high school, and I have continued these pursuits through a Classics Major at UVa. By inhabiting these antiquated authors’ minds every time I embark on a new text, I am able to acquire entirely new ways of thinking, arguing, and presenting information. Reading Latin and Greek is a cathartic experience that allows me to develop my critical thinking and problem solving skills.

Sarah Simmons

Graduating Class: Spring 2019
Major: Classics, Greek Concentration; Philosophy
Why Classics: I grew up loving ancient history and literature, so when I had the chance to pursue it in college, I couldn't resist.