Assistant Professor, General Faculty


My research focuses broadly on Latin verse of the late Republic and early Empire, with especial thematic interest in poetic landscapes. My current book project, entitled Umbra: Death and the Grove in Latin Literature, explores the liminality of the space of the grove throughout the Latin verse tradition, particularly in its incarnation as a symbolic underworld. This has given rise to a concomitant interest in post-Virgilian pastoral (notably Dante’s Latin eclogues). Beyond this topic, I am also pursuing curiosities about Dracontius’ Romulea and literary receptions of the Alcestis.




“Ocean and the Aesthetics of Catullan Ecphrasis.” Lexis 34 (2016): 196-216

“Sinon and the Hatred of Odysseus.” Vergilius (forthcoming)



I completed my DPhil at Trinity College, Oxford and subsequently taught at the university for a number of years as both a lecturer and as the interim Head of Classics at St. Anne’s College. Upon moving back to the States, I taught at NYU and Fordham before joining the faculty here for this academic year.