Faculty Publications

New Aspects of Religion in Ancient Athens

Honors, Authorities, Esthetics, and Society

Jon D. Mikalson
Brill (2016)

Inner Purity and Pollution in Greek Religion

Andrej Petrovic & Ivanna Petrovic
Oxford University Press (2016)
A. J. Woodman
Coulter H. George
Cambridge (2014)
David Kovacs
Journal of Hellenic Studies 134 (2014) 56-65 (2014)
John F. Miller (with Carole E. Newlands)
Wiley/Blackwell (2014)
John D. Dillery
University of Michigan Press (2014)
A. J. Woodman (with contributions from C. S. Kraus)
Cambridge (2014)
John D. Dillery
Routledge (1995) (2013)
A. J. Woodman (co-edited with Ian Du Quesnay)
Cambridge (2012)
A. J. Woodman
Oxford (2012)
Jenny Strauss Clay
Cambridge (2011)
A. J. Woodman (with David West)
Cambridge (1974) (2010)
John F. Miller and A. J. Woodman
Brill (2010)
Jon Mikalson
Oxford (2010)
Jane Crawford (with Elizabeth Keitel)
Focus Publishing (2010)

Apollo, Augustus, and the Poets

John F. Miller
Cambridge (2009)
Ovid: Metamorphoses

Ovid: Metamorphoses

Book XIV

K. Sara Myers
Cambridge (2009)